Ten years ago, our top executive landed at Hanoi Noi Bai Airport to meet with Vietnamese.
I haven’t got out of the car yet, I’m just looking at the city from inside the car,
 but it overflows from the city

“Powerful liveliness” “Young people full of hope and energy” Atmosphere
that seems to be overwhelming
“This country will one day become a great power” Returning to Vietnam,
 feeling tremendous potential.
During this period, we started accepting technical intern trainees from Vietnam.

Witnessing the work of Vietnamese technical intern trainees in Japan
Among the top of our company, “what you feel changes to conviction”
Narrowing down the overseas expansion in the furnace construction industry
that I was looking for to Vietnam
In April 2021, it was the first Japanese company (fireworks) in Asia to visit Hanoi, Vietnam.
Established Intermediate Furnace Global Vietnam (NAKAMA GLOBAL).
With the development of Vietnam, we are on a new stage.