Build up furnace and build up trust
Taking part in a furnace construction process that changes with the needs of the times
Technological Strength
Since its founding in 1968, the company has focused on furnaces for the steel industry
and environmental construction business development.
Currently, we are constructing and repairing furnaces using technology to reduce CO2 emissions,
which will lead to a major global theme of "stopping global warming.


The way we deal with the environment, the relationships between people,
and the development of technology,
They go in stacks like building a furnace.

Corporate Profile

In order to play a part in the ever-changing role of the furnace construction business in line with the needs of the times, all of our employees are working together every day to further improve our technical capabilities and to build trust with safety first.


Since our founding, we have consistently valued human relationships. This is because we are a furnace-building business that is built up by skilled craftsmen working together, and it is our desire to place a high priority on building relationships of trust.